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Mexico's 2024 Elections: What You Need to Know as a Manufacturer

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2024 is a pivotal year for Mexico, with its presidential election taking center stage on June 2nd. As a leading partner to manufacturers across the country, we understand the importance of staying informed about political developments that might impact our industry. Here's a breakdown of key points to consider:


The Candidates and Parties:

The race is still taking shape, but the frontrunners represent the following main parties:

  • MORENA (Movimiento Regeneración Nacional): The current ruling party, led by President López Obrador who is term-limited. They emphasize social programs and a strong national role in energy.

  • PAN (Partido Acción Nacional): A center-right party advocating for a more market-oriented approach and closer ties with the US.

  • PRI (Partido Revolucionario Institucional): A traditional party with a focus on stability and economic growth.


Election Jitters and the Manufacturing Industry:

Historically, election years in Mexico have brought a degree of uncertainty to the manufacturing industry. Businesses might postpone investments or expansion plans until the political landscape becomes clearer. However, the trend of nearshoring could be a countervailing force this year. With companies seeking to diversify supply chains away from Asia, Mexico's proximity to the US market makes it an attractive option. This could lead to increased investment in Mexican manufacturing, regardless of the election outcome.


Looking Beyond the Election Year:

The year after the election is often a period of policy implementation. The new administration's approach to trade agreements, labor regulations, and energy policy could impact manufacturers. Staying informed about these developments will be crucial for strategic planning so follow Javid’s social media and blog resources for updated information.


What We Can Do:

While the specific impacts of the election remain to be seen, here are some proactive steps we can take:

  • Stay informed: Follow credible news sources for election updates and analyze potential policy shifts.

  • Engage with industry associations: Collaborate with industry groups to advocate for policies that support a thriving manufacturing sector. As a member of Mexico’s manufacturing association, INDEX, Javid is always up to date on what is happening and is able to advocate on behalf of its clients.

  • Focus on operational excellence: Continuously improve efficiency and productivity to remain competitive regardless of the political climate. Javid is your partner is making this happen.


At Javid LLC, we are committed to navigating the upcoming election year with a strategic and informed approach. We believe a strong Mexican manufacturing sector is vital to the nation's economic success. By staying vigilant and adaptable, we can ensure continued growth and prosperity for our clients.



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