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Where to Manufacture?

Want to Manufacture in Mexico? Let us help you pick the best location.

Best Location to Manufacture in Mexico

So, you have decided to Manufacture in Mexico or you are looking for the next location for your operation. We will help you with all the details needed to make the best decision to open up/move a Manufacturing Operation in Mexico. Now, what you need is to find the best locations for your operation, right?


​Mexico is becoming a hub for manufacturing. It has developed from simple assembly to more complex Manufacturing to include R&D and process engineering. Which is why selecting the location in Mexico can become a difficult task if you are not sure where to start. Javid's Mexican Shelter Service will take the time to teach you about industry and provide you recommendations, advice on locations, budgets, and transportation for any location in Mexico. Our goal is to ensure you have the most detailed information so that making a decision on where to open is less complicated.


​First thing first, Mexican Border City or Mexican Border State?

There is a difference when we talk about a border city vs a border state. Think about the USA for a second; California and Texas are very large states that are on the border, however when you go north from the border, the lifestyle changes drastically, to the point you do not realize you are on the US / Mexico border. Same takes place in Mexico.

Sonora for example, is the second largest state in Mexico. It covers about 69K squared miles and has over 3 million people living in it. Hermosillo is the capital and the state itself has over 830 thousand people living in it. 

There is 3 major border cities, to the west you will find San Luis Rio Colorado/Yuma, AZ, central is Nogales, and far east Agua Prieta/Douglas, AZ. The biggest one of the three being Nogales, Sonora with over 400K people living here. 

A border city has a different culture than the rest of the state or the nation. There is a lot more bilinguals that live on the border, that you may not find in other location and taking Nogales as an example, its location has a very close proximity to Tuscon International Airport (TUS). You will also find a lot faster past style of work, and a bit more Americanized culture. Where the rest of the state is still tied to their ever day traditions. What you find in the border cities and a lot of shared cultural traditions that apply to both counties. A border state is not the same as a border city.  

There are Pros and Cons to a specific location you choose; border city, city in a border state, or a city located in another location of the nation. We would enjoy to sit down with you and go over each.

Things to Consider when Selecting Your Site

When considering where you want your operation to be at, there is a few things you should keep in mind. Labor availability, Real Estate, and Utilities should be your biggest budget costs, and the location can affect that budget. 


We here at Javid will make sure you select the best site for you needs. We will help you understand the labor market, skill set in a given location, supply-chain in the area, proximity to your clients or major highways and ports of entry.  

Our goal is for you to be successful by knowing as much information to make the right decision.


At the end of the day, we are your partners here in Mexico and like our slogan says – Don’t Worry… Be Sheltered ®

Best Location to Manufacture in Mexico: Features

Time to Destination

In this map, you will find roughly how long it will take our shipment to travel from Nogales Arizona to your location in the USA. 

Also, You will see how long it will take your shipment to travel in Mexico form Nogales, Sonora.

This map is based on 11 hours of truck driving daily. 

Time To Destination Map
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