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Javid LLC Mexican Shelter Services

Shelter Services 

If you choose to manufacture goods with a Mexican Shelter Provider, you will operate under our all-inclusive Administrative legal Mexican entity owned by Javid LLC. This entity will be the one leasing your facility, hiring, paying your employees, and getting all the necessary permits and licenses. We deliver every administrative service needed

Mexican Shelter Services Venn Diagram

to run a successful operation in Mexico. You will still be in charge of the entire operation on the manufacturing side—you’ll be able to bring your own equipment in, import raw goods, and control all of your processes and procedures. Javid ensures to bring the best people to make you successful, each employee hired on your behalf will be interviewed and approved by you. 

As your manufacturing Shelter Services provider in Mexico, the entire responsibility for your operation falls on us, from facility permitting, legal and fiscal

obligations, to labor law, environmental law compliance and the complete administration of your Mexico manufacturing operation, which allows you to focus on the Manufacturing and operation of your facility. 

Shelter Services

Our Sheltered Services

These are the core services offered by Javid's Mexican Shelter Service, however, having Javid by your side, you will benefit from the relationships experience, and knowledge acquired over 35+ years operating in Mexico.

Human Resources

Javid will take care of the following;

  • Employee Relations

  • Responsible for Your Recruiting Process

  • Human Resources - Administration

  • Advice on Salaries and Benefits

  • Reports (web-based metrics)

  • Employee Services

  • Union Relations

  • and more


Javid handles all your fiscal requirements and more.

  • Payroll Processing

  • Vendor Payments

  • Vendor Relations

  • Fiscal Compliance

  • Bank reconciliation

  • VAT Certification

  • Fiscal taxes: monthly, quarterly and annually

  • Annual taxes and salary declarations

  • Billing Reports

  • and more

Customs & Logistics

On your behalf, Javid will handle;

  • Logistics & Traffic in &out of Mexico

  • USMCA Compliance

  • IMMEX Compliance

  • Inventory Control (For Customs purposes)

  • Record & Database Management

  • Fixed Asset Management

  • Permits, Licenses, and Legal Compliance

  • and more


Javid works closely with all levels of Government to handle;

  • Permits and Licenses

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste

  • Monthly or Quarterly (in-house) Audits

  • Safety Programs and Regulations

  • Certification Support (i.e. ISO9001)

  • Raw Material Analysis

  • Government Audits

  • Trainings

  • and more

Customs & EHS
Human Resources & Accounting

Government Relations

Javid operates ethically and focused on compliance with laws and Regulations. For this we have formed great relationships with Local, State and Federal Governments, to ensure we have the right contacts to know what changes in laws may be coming and expedite permits and licenses that are needed. Building these relationships helps us minimize long lead times.

Legal & Compliance

Javid operates behind the scenes to minimize the legal and regulatory complexities of Mexico for our clients. We ensure we have all the correct permits like a VAT Certification or IMMEX. We will handle Mexico-US Duty and NAFTA Analysis, External Government Audits, as well as, handle all Labor Board situations that may arise.

Legal and Government Relations
Javid LLC Team

Our goal is take make your life easier and find success in Mexico. With the departments that Javid will incorporate into your operation in Mexico, we see that your focus will be on production. Javid is your Partner and sole focus is on your success. 

Don't Worry...... be Sheltered®

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