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​Imag has worked with Javid as a Shelter client since they opened their doors.  In all our years in Mexico, Javid has provided us high levels of service and allowed us to focus on running our business while they focused on all the legal and technical matters of doing business in Mexico.  During the recent pandemic Imag leaned heavily on the expertise and experience of the staff at Javid.  As a sole supplier to many of our customers, it was imperative that we remained operational at all times.



Javid guided us carefully and we were one of the few companies which was permitted to remain operational 100% of the time.  There is no question that it was the knowledge and local experience that allowed us to remain operational while other companies in the area were shut down.  Javid is clearly a valued partner in Mexico and we remain grateful for their services.  If you are looking to operate in Mexico, consider partnering up with Javid.

Gary Kriadis - President

Integrated Magnetics has been operating under the Javid shelter since late 2007, when we first set-up a plant in Nogales, Mexico. From the beginning, we were able to focus on operations rather than back-office support, and this allowed us to get the plant up and running quickly. Javid has been a an excellent resource for the company, continuing to provide back-office support, excellent candidates for open positions, strict enforcement of HR, legal, and health and safety programs, an open line of communication with our management as needed, and reliable reporting. In addition, Javid has handled all labor related issues for the company in a professional and fair manner. From time to time, Javid has assisted the plant in setting up production lines from an industrial engineering point of view. The Javid Team, championed by Robert Klosek and Richard Rubin, operates as an integral part of Integrated’s team, supporting all day-to-day activities – we have no hesitation in commending the Javid team in all that they do for us.

Anil Nanji - President


Shankar Rao – COO


We added to our domestic wire harness business 20+ years ago by utilizing a sub-contractor in Taiwan  and had very little control over our labor costs and quality. We then moved into a Javid LLC shelter in Mexico and our world changed. Not only are all of our legal and customs issues taken care of, but we now have control over our manufacturing processes, inventory, and production schedule. We are able to draw from a pool of able and dedicated workers, as well as having a constant source of advice from the very capable staff at Javid. We would not be where we are today without the help and guidance of Javid LLC.

Ron Miller - President

Lesjofros has been doing business with Javid for many years now. Through that time Javid has guided Lesjofors through the process of doing business in Mexico. The Javid team takes the time to understand your business needs and provides excellent customer service. They also recommend cost savings opportunities and provides training to ensure compliance in all areas of the business. Doing business with Javid has been a great partnership that has added to our profitability

Joe Bullock - Chief Operating Officer


Westmed has been a customer of Javid LLC for over 15 years.  They have provided stellar services and have the most competitive prices in the industry.  Their quality is beyond reproach.  It has been a real pleasure doing business with Javid all these years.

John McKinnon - President

We have been a client of Javid for over 15 years now.  At the time we selected them, they were the upstart “Avis” Mexican Shelter Company in Nogales and truly tried harder.  Today they are the Maquiladora Shelter leader and have continued to be responsive to our needs and progressive in providing new services and responding to unusual requests. DNI could have easily rationalized creating our own entity  over the last 5 years but considers the expertise and service from Javid to be preferable as a shelter partner.

John Wallace - President


Javid provides vital services to our wire harness and cable assembly operation in Nogales, Mexico.  They have been a big part of our success and provided great support as we tripled our space in the last 2 years. They are skilled at navigating the local and national requirements for doing business in Mexico. Javid has been a leader in managing the Covid-19 situation and overall safety for the plant. They are recognized as hardworking and honest people that care about our business and the people in our facility. We feel very fortunate to have them as a partner.

Rick Bromm - President

Javid LLC provides vital services to our wire harness and cable assembly operation in Nogales, Mexico.  In addition to providing Altex with skilled labor, suitable space and legal framework for operating in Mexico, Javid has initiated safety programs and other compliance programs that contributed to having a successful operation away from our home office.  Bob Klosek and Richard Rubin have been an invaluable resource to me on any matters relating to managing our people and compliance with Mexican laws.  They are honest businessman, with a lot of knowledge and are devoted to their clients’ success in Mexico

Ben Weidberg - CEO


After deciding to open a maquiladora in Nogales Mexico, I analyzed several options to accomplish this goal. After meeting the Javid team I knew they would be my best choice. Now, three years later, I know my decision to join the Javid team was the smartest business decision I have ever made. Working in Mexico can be intimidating and complicated but with the help from Javid this transition has been easy and smooth. Not knowing what you don’t know can be very scary but with  the help and guidance from  the Javid Team, I can honestly say that I could not have done this without their help. Thank you Javid for all that you have done and the guidance you provide.

Bill Roach - President/Owner

In March 2012 I became Director of Operations for my Company’s Nogales, MX operation.  It was my first experience with a “shelter” arrangement that is commonplace on the US/MX border.  Our shelter partner is Javid Group Shelter Service and Contract Manufacturing.  I could not have hoped for a better partner relationship than what has been experienced with Javid!  The Javid people and organization are very knowledgeable, effective, and integrated into our Nogales, Mexico operation.  One of the factors I value most in the partnership is the direct involvement of the principles, Bob and Richard.  These gentlemen possess incredible experience and knowledge in providing shelter services in Mexico, and are personally involved in the day-to-day operation of their Company.  I have 100% access to these gentlemen via their mobile phones, and at times have contacted them at irregular hours when the need has arisen.  They are always available to assist in whatever way I need, a tremendous asset that I highly value.   Great down-to-earth guys that have a true interest in my Company’s successful operation in Mexico.  I have and will continue to value our partnership with Javid, and look forward to many more years of mutual success in our joint-operations.

Cameron Sheets - Director of Operations

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