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Service Based Program - Mexian Shelter Service

Service Based Program

Your À la carte options

Save on Costs with Service Based Support

If you are looking for a specific need to help run your administration side and already have an existing maquiladora in Mexico, Javid can help you streamline your systems or control your costs with our Service Based Program. You have the luxury of receiving all the business services provided to our shelter clients are available on an individual basis, customized to your specific needs.

Our Services working for you

Javid has been around since 1987 and has become an expert in these services. We are here to help companies grow and save costs on their operations in Mexico. We have the team that you need to move forward, if your already established in Mexico, we can offer you the following services and more;

Human Resources Control

Let Javid become your HR Department, we will take care of the entire package related to Hiring, Employee Relations, Terminations, and Benefits. You will be given access to the online reporting system, this will ensure you have all data about the employees at a moments notice.

Javid LLC Human Resources

Accounting & Fiscal Compliance

Javid LLC Accounting

Let us take care of the Fiscal requirements for you. We will process the payroll, tax reporting, vendor payments, and every other requirement needed to ensure your success. You will be given access to our Online system that gives you 100% visibility and control over the things you want done.

Customs & Compliance

Mexican Customs laws could be complicated to follow for any company, allow us to deal with the complexities of the foreign trade and compliance side of your operations. We will also handle all imports and exports, database management, inventory control, and ensure you have a seamless cross-border experience. Javid will take the time to do it right, and will provide you with online reporting and tracking opportunities.

Import and Export Solutions

Why Pick Javid's Service Based Program?

We provide you the flexibility to continue operating as you were while saving money and knowing the job is being done right. We will give you the piece of mind that Javid has your protected. You will always be able to count on your Partners in Mexico.

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