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2024 Minimum Wage Shakeup: What US Manufacturers Need to Know About Mexico's New Rates

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As 2024 rolls in, so does a significant change for Mexico's workforce: a two-tiered minimum wage increase. This policy, a result of the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement and enacted by the National Commission on Minimum Wages (CONASAMI), establishes different minimum wage rates for the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) along the northern border and the interior of the country. For Javid LLC, an IMMEX shelter program leader supporting US manufacturers in Mexico, this means understanding the nuanced impact of these changes and guiding our clients through this economic shift.


The New Rates:

  • FTZ minimum wage: Increased by 20% to MXN $374.89 per day (approximately USD $21.83).

  • Interior minimum wage: Increased by 20% to MXN $248.93 per day (approximately USD $14.50).


Impact on the Workforce:

The FTZ's higher minimum wage aims to improve living standards and attract skilled workers to a region competing with the US labor market. In the interior, the increase seeks to boost purchasing power and stimulate domestic demand. These changes will likely generate:


  • Increased labor costs for FTZ manufacturers: While Javid LLC partners with clients to implement cost-saving strategies, it's crucial to factor in the higher production costs due to the wage raise.

  • Improved worker retention and recruitment in the FTZ: Higher wages in the FTZ will make manufacturing jobs more attractive, potentially easing talent acquisition and reducing employee turnover.

  • Boosted demand in the interior: Increased incomes in the interior can lead to higher consumer spending, potentially benefiting companies with downstream supply chains or distribution networks in these regions.


Implications for US Manufacturers:

For US companies considering manufacturing in Mexico, the new minimum wages present both challenges and opportunities:


  • Cost considerations: While the interior may seem more economical due to its lower minimum wage, Javid LLC can assist clients in analyzing factors like transportation costs, infrastructure, and workforce availability to find the most cost-effective location.

  • Enhanced competitiveness of the FTZ: The FTZ's higher-skilled workforce and proximity to the US market might become even more attractive, especially for companies producing high-value goods requiring skilled labor.

  • Focus on productivity and efficiency: Regardless of location, maximizing efficiency and output will be crucial to navigate the higher labor costs. Javid LLC's expertise can help clients achieve this.


Navigating the Changes with Javid LLC:

As your trusted shelter manufacturing partner, Javid LLC is committed to guiding US manufacturers through this dynamic landscape. We offer comprehensive support, including:


  • Location strategy analysis: Helping you choose the optimal location in Mexico based on your specific needs and budget.

  • Cost optimization strategies: Implementing methods to mitigate the impact of higher labor costs.

  • Recruitment and retention assistance: Building a skilled and motivated workforce.

  • Supply chain expertise: Optimizing your logistics and distribution networks to maximize efficiency.


While the new minimum wage policy may present immediate questions, it also holds potential for US manufacturers in Mexico. By adapting strategies, leveraging Javid LLC's expertise, and focusing on continuous improvement, US companies can capitalize on the evolving Mexican landscape and maintain their competitive edge. Together, let's navigate this change and make your Mexican manufacturing venture a success. Call Javid LLC today and help us guide you through these changes as you begin, or continue, your manufacturing journey in Mexico.


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