Advisory Services

Cost Analysis

Outsource Operation Cost Advisory

There is a lot of details that go into breaking down costs and expenses needed to successfully Manufacture in Mexico. Javid LLC's team with work with you to understand those costs and find solutions for you to save money. We have the ability to go deep in any topic and find a solution to your needs. With us by your side, you will know that you have a Partner looking out for your best interest. 

Site Selection

There is a lot of details that go into picking the right location for your operation. Luckily with Javid LLC we will take you through where the best location for you is. We will help you find the best labor and real estate that provides you a logistical  advantage and is a safe a secure place. 

Nuevo Nogales Industrial Park

Javid will assign you an advisor that is an export in helping foreign companies select the right location. You will be given with more than enough information to ensure you make the right decision on where you should set your operation up at. 

We will work based on your needs, and what you looking for. Your priorities will be ours. 

Customs Guidance

International Trade compliance is a complicated things to accomplish. Having to obtain permits and fill out all the right forms may be complicated to do in 1 country but having to ensure the compliance is 2 or more makes things a challenge. Javid will accept the challenge and ensure you meet the requirements for both Mexican and US Customs. 

Javid LLC Customs Compliance

Mexican Customs has it's challenges. Ensure you are meeting he requirements of the IMMEX program, Anexo 24 y Anexo 31, USMCA and more. You can rest assured knowing that your Partner will guide you through any situation you find yourself in. 

We will conduct the analysis on shipment costs, Duty implications, HTS classifications, and more. 

Fiscal Guidance

We will Guarantee Excellence in your Fiscal Compliance with our help. Javid will take We have the ability to set everything up for you even. 

If you need the systems, talent, and know how, Javid will install, recruit and train the system or people for you. We will make sure that you are fully prepared to handle the complexity of Mexican Fiscal Law. 

Nearshoring Financial Guidance

We also offer you the guidance and support needed to answer any and all questions for you.