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Bringing Your Manufacturing Closer to Home: Why Mexico is the Perfect Choice

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In today's dynamic global market, manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations and gain a competitive edge. One increasingly popular option is shelter manufacturing in Mexico. At Javid LLC, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to help businesses seamlessly transition their manufacturing operations to Mexico and unlock significant cost savings.

A Diverse Range of Products:

Mexico boasts a well-established and diverse manufacturing ecosystem, capable of producing a wide range of products across various industries. From high-tech electronics and automotive parts to intricate medical devices and everyday consumer goods, the skilled Mexican workforce can handle it all. This versatility makes Mexico an ideal location for businesses looking to expand their production capabilities or diversify their product portfolio.

Examples of products that can be manufactured in Mexico:

  • Electronics: Mexico is a major player in the global electronics industry, with major manufacturers like Foxconn, Samsung, and LG having operations in the country.

  • Automotive parts: Mexico is a major exporter of automotive parts, with major automakers like General Motors, Toyota, and Volkswagen having plants in the country.

  • Medical devices: Mexico is a growing hub for medical device manufacturing, with major companies like Medtronic, Becton Dickinson, and SunMed (AirLife) having operations in the country.

  • Consumer goods: Mexico produces a wide range of consumer goods, including apparel, furniture, and appliances.

  • Aerospace: Mexico is a growing player in the aerospace industry, with major companies like Boeing and Bombardier having operations in the country.

Substantial Cost Savings:

One of the most compelling reasons to consider shelter manufacturing in Mexico is the substantial cost savings. Labor costs in Mexico are significantly lower than those in the United States, often leading to savings of up to 50%. Additionally, Mexico offers various tax benefits and free trade agreements, like the USMCA, which further reduces costs and simplifies the import and export process.

Benefits for the U.S. Market:

While cost savings are a major advantage, manufacturing in Mexico also offers significant benefits for the U.S. market. By nearshoring production, businesses can shorten their lead times and improve responsiveness to market demands. This translates to faster delivery times, reduced inventory costs/storage and ultimately, a more satisfied customer base.

Shelter Manufacturing: A Seamless Transition:

At Javid LLC, we understand the challenges of transitioning your manufacturing operations to a new country. Our shelter manufacturing model provides a risk-free and efficient solution. We handle all aspects of your operation, from legal and administrative tasks to recruiting and managing personnel. This allows you to focus on your core competencies and ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Here are some additional benefits of choosing Javid LLC for your shelter manufacturing needs:

  • Experienced team with a proven track record

  • Extensive network of resources and partnerships

  • Dedicated quality control and compliance programs

  • Flexible and scalable solutions to meet your specific needs

  • Ongoing support and guidance throughout the entire process

Ready to unlock the potential of shelter manufacturing in Mexico?

Contact Javid LLC today to discuss your specific needs and learn how we can help you achieve your manufacturing goals. With our expertise and comprehensive services, you can confidently navigate the Mexican market and enjoy significant cost savings, improved product quality, and closer proximity to your customers.

If you are considering manufacturing your products in Mexico, Javid LLC can help you make a smooth and successful transition.



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