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Mexico Contract Manufacturing

Transformer & Toroid Winding
Packaging, all types
Medical Assemblies and Devices
Sonic Welding
Over-Molding, Cables & Assemblies
Mechanical & Electro- Mechanical Assemblies
Automotive, Industrial, Consumer Products
Mechanical Spring & Recoiled Winding
Industrial Sewing
Printed Circuit Boards
Wiring Harnesses
Wiring Assemblies
Power Supplies
Rework and Sorting

All of our Sub-Contract Manufacturing , consigned and turnkey, is all done in our subsidiary, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee de Nogales, S.A. de C.V. in Nogales, Sonora Mexico, located no more than 4 miles across the Arizona-Mexico border. All of our Mexico Contract Manufacturing is done in our subsidiary, JAVID de Mexico in Nogales, Sonora Mexico, located no more than 4 miles across the Arizona-Mexico border.

We have been manufacturing in Mexico and assembling, under the Maquiladora in Mexico Program since 1983 and we know what we’re doing. We also know why customers need to be in Mexico and that is to stay competitive with lower labor rates.

Our Value-Added , Elimination of Waste , practices, enable us to keep our pricing lower than our competition's and provides our Customers with the quality and deliveries they deserve.

Javid LLC/ JAVID de Mexico can quote or provide a customer with fully loaded burden rates as low as $5.50 an hour. Yes, that is fully loaded. We have the ability and flexibility to work with the customer’s processes and standards or create our own when needed or required.

Our Quality and Service are as good as or better than our customers. We haven’t survived and become successful with only cheap labor. We know it takes Quality and Customer Service to stay alive.

Javid / JAVID de Mexico locations next to the International Border enable us to move equipment. Materials and people across quickly and efficiently. It's ideal for customers who wish to visit frequently or need frequent deliveries. JAVID de Mexico is located in a Free-Trade Zone, were the majority of maquiladoras in Mexico are.

Finished product can be turned around and shipped back in less than 3 weeks. We take care of everything, from start to finish.

JAVID’s warehouse ISO certified in Nogales, Arizona, two miles from the border, can ship worldwide, utilizing all common carriers and UPS, Federal Express and any other overnight, next day service.

Come join us and become part of our Success !

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