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Javid LLC provides Shelter Programs and Shelter Services through its 100% owned subsidiary, Javid de Mexico, a Mexican corporation dedicated solely for the purpose of providing customers the best possible Shelter Services available at the best price with the best people.

Javid de Mexico dedicates all its’ resources and specializes 100% in all size companies wanting to start and operate competitively in Mexico.

Our organization structure allows us to provide very competitive rates in Mexico. Our Goal is not to be the largest or richest, just the Best. Because of our Goal we provide a more "hands on" and personable service than anyone else. We know it’s the personal touch that makes a good relationship.

Javid also provides what is called Incubator Start-Ups for customers too small to be in their own building or not able to afford costs associated with overhead and start up costs .

Currently Javid de Mexico has over twenty (20) different locations with over 2300 Shelter employees throughout Nogales, Sonora, Mexico. Its longtime relationships with all Mexican State, Federal, Environmental agencies along with over 32 years of conducting business with all Mexican Customs Brokers, landlords and freight carriers make it a huge benefit to be part of the Javid Shelter Program.


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