You’re Best Option for Manufacturing in Mexico with Javid LLC/Javid de Mexico. Life made Simple under our Sonora, Mexico Shelter Program

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You’re Best Option for Manufacturing in Mexico with Javid LLC/Javid de Mexico. Life made Simple under our Sonora, Mexico Shelter Program

Imagine all your concerns about operating in a foreign country disappear and you focus on Manufacturing and Quality, what you do best and our Mexico Shelter Program handles the rest. Your “Cost of Goods Sold” decreases by 60% and you are operating in the same time zone and have a location that is very easy to get to. This is what it would be like with a manufacturing facility in Nogales, Sonora Mexico under the Javid Shelter Maquila Program. Your Success is our Success and as partners in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico we work “hand in hand” with your company to insure this on a day in day out basis.

Javid LLC/ Javid de Mexico has been around for 34 years servicing more than 100 Clients. The industries we serve are Aerospace, Machining, Harness Cables, Electronics, Promotional Products, Injection Molding, Automotive, to name a few, from very large companies to companies under our Incubator Program.  We have an experienced Mexican  Staff that handles all your operating needs under our Shelter Program in Nogales, Mexico from, Site Selection, Recruiting, Human Resources, Payroll, Customs, IT Support, Training, EH&S, Mexican Accounting, Permits to Operate, US Warehouse Services, and all Legal issues. When you work under the Javid Shelter Program we take the worry out of Mexico, Javid is the legal entity and the US or Foreign Company is Sheltered from all the Mexican Bureaucracy. It is our job to keep you safe and legal under our Shelter Program while saving you money in all aspects of your operation in Mexico.

I encourage you to check out our Website to further explore how our Mexico Shelter Program can give you a soft landing in Sonora, Mexico and guide you to a smooth and successful operation. Rest assured that manufacturing in Mexico can be very easy as long as you partner with experience and with a Mexican Shelter Company that is looking out for your concerns always saving you money versus going it alone. 

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Formed in 1983, and just 5 miles across the US Mexico border, Javid is now the leading Shelter Service Provider in Nogales Sonora Mexico. With a staff of experienced professionals, Javid has become an expert in Manufacturing in Mexico, always guiding the Customers to run efficiently while continuously looking at cutting operational costs. “OUR SUCCESS DEPENDS ON OUR CUSTOMER’S SUCCESS”

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